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Pokemoto serves delicious chef-inspired poke bowls that not only feed you, but fuel you. Poke is a modern twist on what traditionally has been a Hawaiian marinated raw fish appetizer. We expanded that tradition by providing fresh, sustainable fish over a variety of bases to make it a full meal.

We source the absolute freshest ingredients and prepare everything in-house to provide the highest quality and most flavorful poke bowls. Each of our signature bowls thoughtfully pair handmade sauces, bases and toppings with our proteins for unforgettable flavor profiles. Build your own bowl (BYOB) to combine all your favorite ingredients for a poke bowl that is as unique as you.


We only serve the freshest, tastiest ingredients. That’s why we chop, char, crush and cook every base, protein, sauce and topping we offer. All our sauces and specialty drinks are made from scratch because fresh food tastes best, and we only serve the best. From locally grown, organic, heirloom rice, to sustainably sourced fish, Butterfish is all about quality, relationships and the environment.

Our commitment to quality is only rivaled by our focus on convenience. Your time is precious and we don’t want to waste a minute of it. Our phone app allows you to order and pay in advance so your bowl is ready when you are. Pull right up and grab your to-go order with ease from our app window and avoid the hassle of waiting in line.


Don’t have time to wait in line? You can order ahead through our app and pick up your delicious bowl at our app window. You don’t even have to come inside; the app window is located right out front.Download our App to order ahead and pick up your delicious bowl at your convenience.


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